An quick, open letter to all you lovely people.

Hey All,

How’s it going? Good, I hope! Things are just swell over here too! I wanted to take a brief moment to address a few things. (Don’t worry, it is nothing bad.)

First off, I LOVE YOUR WORK! This mainly goes to all the lovely people I follow (and those who I have yet to follow). Sometimes I don’t hit the little <3 button (because it is a hassle to find it on certain tumblr layouts! How annoying!) but I still see your work and I am totally jealous! Keep it up!

Second, sorry that most of my posts have be reposts from my instagram. I have been stepping away from the computer (at home) as much as I can so I usually post to igram and then reblog here. I will try to upload some proper pieces soon!

Third, well, that is really it for now. I will keep this short and end now.

See ya around the internets!